Meadowlark Gardens
Meadowlark Gardens


Our primary mission at Meadowlark Gardens is the preservation of our extensive gardens. Over the last 70 years of their development many unique places suitable for the most memorable events have been lovingly created. Yet, balancing the garden's financial needs with its preservation needs is a delicate act, and, therefore, we can only allow a limited number of private events each year. Our maximum capacity is around 175.

All Meadowlark events are exclusive. We host only one large event per week in order to minimize wear and tear on the grounds. Generally, clients and guests can enjoy the entire facility, barring private residences. It is truly a photographer's dream. Professional photographers should inquire about our photosessions. Events are allotted a 10 hour block of time including set-up and take-down. We are always happy to work with any licensed and insured vendors and can recommend many to our clients. Vendors not familiar with Meadowlark Gardens are required to schedule a pre-event tour with Meadowlark staff.We love to show the place off.

While there are indoor areas, Meadowlark Gardens is mostly an outdoor facility. The Pool House contains a large, open central room with bathrooms on one end and a caterer's kitchen on the opposite end. It opens onto a covered veranda and a very large, deep blue pool. Across the pool, accent lighting illuminates the 1400 square foot hardwood deck built around an enormous water oak. Gardens extend through gates and passages in every direction. Hidden from view, the Bridal Cottage is a nearby sanctuary for relaxing and taking care of last minute details.

Meadowlark is a truly unique venue located south of Atlanta, GA. Its age and maturity mark it as place of historical and visual distinction that we believe is vanishing from our countryside. Please call us for pricing information and a list of the many other additional items included in the Meadowlark Gardens event package. Wed love to discuss your event plans with you, but please understand that, when you call, we might just be out in the gardens.

Please take a look at our Gallery or the slide shows posted by Meadowlark-veteran photographers below for an inside look at Meadowlark Gardens.

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Vicki & Chris by Shawna Herring
Katie & Phil by Kelly is Nice Photography

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